“A mother’s love is the most powerful force on Earth and wherever she lives, a mom wants nothing more than the health and safety of her children.” Sharon D’Agostinio

Hello Everyone! My name is Mandy, and I am thrilled to be posting here on Ivory Bloom…Thank you Anna for having me!  I have been using Essential oils for the past seven months. I love the smell, the multiple uses for each one, and healing my family both mentally and physically, but most of all I love how they empower me as a Mom. Today I would like to share with you just how!


I am a Mother of five boys…. Yep count em 1,2,3,4,5!

My cute boys range from 2-13 years of age, and the keep me running from son up till son down ;)

Friends and uh …strangers always ask how I keep up with them all. Well, let me tell you…. I start by taking care of myself first…. I like to think of it as arming myself with extra POWER each day (I need it!) You can’t give what you don’t have. This has not always been easy for me, and I still often need reminders of the importance of it. The easiest way I have found is to make and keep to a routine. And this is how I do it…

1-     Peppermint oil on the back of my neck and on the roof of my mouth help me get up and go!
2-     I drink a glass of lemon water first thing. This wakes-up my organs and cleanses them out.
3-     I Love, Love the Life Long Vitality Vitamins by Doterra. These give me so much energy thru the day, and I have finally said good bye to my “foggy brain”. I think clearer and feel better!
4-     I  put a blend of Balance, and Serenity on my feet and behind my ears each morning. These two oils together speak to my soul. Balance grounds me, and Serenity is calming.

Now that I have POWERED up, I want to OWN my POWER, and use it for the good of my Family!

And now to POWER up my boys! I have many tools in my Mommy tool box, but my favorites are Essential Oils… Here are a few different ways in which I use them each day.

My oldest Son has a few gifts; some refer to them as ADD and Anxiety. I believe in him and in his gifts! Four years ago we started him on three medications, they worked, but they also had side effects. He has now been off his medication for seven months! I love that essential oils help him not only manage these gifts he has been given, but also helps him to be the best that he can be!

Here is a sample of his everyday POWER routine.

Life Long Vitality

In-TuneBalance, and Serenity applied behind ears and down spine.

Elevation applied over heart

Citrus Bliss applied on wrist and chest

Each morning I feel better sending my boys out the door when they have been oiled. Following this routine each day helps me to connect with each of them before they start their day too!  This is our morning routine for my two littles as they meet me on the couch with their socks and shoes.

• On Guard & Frankincense applied on the bottom their feet
Balance & Serenity applied on bottom of feet and behind ears
• Wild Orange applied on bottom of feet, wrist and chest

Another way I Use EO’s to help my family is by using a diffuser.

Diffusing oils into the air is awesome! I use this when I need to POWER up my whole family, or when there are sick bugs in our house. This way we breathe in the oil molecules, and they go right into our lungs and into the bloodstream.

Some of my favorite oils to diffuse are

On Guard — it kills germs both in the air and on surfaces, and boost my family’s immune system at the same time
Wild Orange  it is energizing and up lifting
 During colds and the flu this keeps my kids sleeping by opening their airways, and helps them to get better faster
Peppermint  I love the smell of peppermint, and it improves mental awareness

The last that I will share with you today is my boys love for Peppermint beadlets! Extra POWER!

They use these when they have an upset stomach.

They study and do homework with peppermint oil in the diffuser, and then they put a beadlet in their mouth just as a test at school starts, and it helps them to remember what they studied and focus.

Sports are never played without peppermint! We have four soccer players, and two swimmers. They always put a beadlet in their mouth at practice, games, and meets. Peppermint opens airways, cools, and increases endurance!

So what’s the point of all of this you say?

The point is that we are POWERful Mothers, who have a choice in our family’s health and well being! Essential Oils empower me, and they can emPOWER  you too!

For more information feel free to email me @

emPOWER your self @

We are in this together…

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