Being creative is in my genes. I come from a long line of creative people. Here is some of my story...

Anna Golightly Jeffs
• Award winning designer and artist
• BS degree from Utah State University with Graphic Design Emphasis
• Experienced teacher
• Successful graphic design business owner for 15 years
• Photoshoot stylist
• Worked full-time in corporate marketing departments for 6 years
• Created national advertising campaigns for clients
• Corporate design work has been featured in stores like Wal Mart, Sams Club, Office Max, Staples,
Lagoon Amusement Park, Convenience Stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods and other major sporting goods stores.
Past design clients include: Coca-Cola, Lagoon, Snowie Shaved Ice, Bausch and Lomb, Uppercase Living,
CHG Companies, Academica West, political campaigns in Utah and Nevada and numerous small business owners.
• Spent a year and a half doing missionary work in Houston Texas

I have been an artist since childhood. These are a few of my favorite pieces I created in Elementary School.
My favorite medium was crayons.

I attended high school at Meridian High in Idaho. I had an inspiring art teacher, Suzie Fisher, who taught me so much. I was able to experiment with all types of mediums—water color pencils, pastels, acrylic paint, charcoal and more.

My mom, Eva Golightly, is a wonderful artist. She can create pretty much anything! She was my biggest example and influence in encouraging me to develop my talents in art. My mom can draw {graphite, colored pencils, ink}, paint {watercolor, oils}, create beautiful hand crafted pieces in tatting, crocheting, knitting and needlepoint. She sings, plays and teaches piano + the violin. She is amazing!

Here is a small sampling of her work...

Because of the cold winters in Norway, many of the women in my family did needlepoint, knitting + other handiwork. They were also great at cooking and baking!

My maternal Grandma, Mary Elvira Fossback (nickname Mosse), did drawing, knitting + needlepoint. She also created beautiful flower gardens. My maternal great-grandmother, Sofie Johnsen Fosbak, did tatting, weaving, needlepoint, knitting + crocheting. Sofie would also bake for the Nazi's and they loved her because of her AMAZING baking. This kept her and her family safe during the occupation of Norway by Natzi Germany. At Christmas time Sofie would bake for months and make hundreds of cookies. The cookies were stored in tins around the kitchen. Sofie learned much from her mother Charlotte, who was also a great baker.

I am so grateful for these strong, creative and courageous women in my family!

This beautiful needlepoint was done by my Grandma Mosse. It depicts the town in Norway where she was born, Trondheim.

These traditionally Norwegian designed neddlepoints were created by my mom and Grandma Mosse. The blue needlepoint was started by my Grandma Mosse and then finished by my mom. It’s over 5’ tall and stunning! The vertical wall hanging and viking ship were created by my mom. The mushroom needlepoint was hand-done by my Granmda Mosse.

These cute trolls were a gift to me from my mom’s sister, Berit Engebretsen Kuykendall. She is also very talented! When she got married, she wore a tratitional Norwegian costume with her hand done needlepoint work all over it.

My maternal grandfather, Asbjorn Ragnar Engebretsen, was an accomplished painter. When he passed away I received one of his paintings and it hangs in my home. The painting is of the cemetery and church in his hometown Nøtterøy, where he is now buried. He was talented in arts and the sciences + a nationally ranked athlete in Norway and an engineer by profession— a true renaissance man.


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